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“Fur immediately shinier and softer”

“Great product that transformed my kitty's health and behavior positively”

“Cuidado genuino hacia clientes.”

“Envío de correo y plantas en memoria de mascota fallecida.”

“Consideración de Smalls en momentos difíciles.”

“Disappointing that it did not work for my cats”

“May try it again in the future”

“Me was just fine”

“Customer service is unreliable and lackluster, frequent product/price changes”

“Pretty good experience overall”

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Lady G - 14 hace diasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Fur immediately shinier and softer
  • Belly looked less bloated
  • Crazy spurts of happy energy and runs around the house
  • Made the switch and happy with it
  • Wish I could feed outdoor cats and strays too

Hilary Lohman - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great product that transformed my kitty's health and behavior positively

Ali - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Cuidado genuino hacia clientes.
  • Envío de correo y plantas en memoria de mascota fallecida.
  • Comida fresca y natural para mascota.
  • Consideración de Smalls en momentos difíciles.

Roxanne - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • My cats did not transition to this food
  • They love the treats
  • One of the top companies for healthy cat food
  • Disappointing that it did not work for my cats
  • May try it again in the future
  • Sample box is worth ordering
  • Me was just fine

Customer - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Customer service is unreliable and lackluster, frequent product/price changes
  • Switched to offering less food for the same price, potential scam
  • No real change in cat's health or behavior since using Smalls
  • Expensive, confusing, lack of real change after three years

Theresa Lombardi - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Pretty good experience overall
  • Quick response to inquiries

Frank M. - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • My cats are obsessed with Smalls
  • Convenience of having an app

Marz - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Love the care for animals and natural protein
  • Innovative use of catnip in chicken legs and broth
  • Positive and caring attitude towards customers
  • Encouraging and supportive communication

Curt - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Fantastic customer service
  • Great food quality
  • Easy feeding process
  • Company loyalty

Meredith - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy and delicious
  • My cat is healthier on it
  • Feel confident in its quality
  • Absolute best customer service

Cameron - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Excelente producto

Heidi Stevenson - 3 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Customer service is top-notch
  • Delivery is reliable
  • Quality of food is indicated by coat and litterbox condition
  • Cat enjoys meals and shows health benefits
  • Company fixes mistakes in a timely manner
  • High quality food compared to canned food

Lori Eckhoff Gartzke - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great food and packaging
  • Helpful tips for transitioning the cat
  • Limited choices for monthly packages

Abby - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • High quality healthy food for pets
  • Worth paying more for higher quality ingredients
  • Keeps pets healthy and maintains weight
  • Vet recommends the product
  • Hopes for continued commitment to quality ingredients

tanya marques - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Mejor calidad y opciones
  • Servicio al cliente eficiente y amable
  • Ajustan la cantidad y hora de llegada

EM - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great product for my feline friend
  • HEALTHY food with great results
  • Easy to order or pause an order
  • Super fantastic customer service - willing to make it right

Kathleen Cannon - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy and easy-to-prepare food
  • Excellent customer service

Madysen Holcomb - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • excelente servicio al cliente

Jen K - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Phenomenal customer service and support
  • Happy, healthy cats

Nancy Gage - 4 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • saved my cat's life

Kirsten Erwin - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Ayudó mucho con la enfermedad renal de mi gato
  • Los veterinarios están asombrados

Cheryl Boccio-Torres - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • High quality food
  • Loved by cats
  • Quick shipping
  • Frozen delivery
  • Gradual acceptance by picky cat
  • Expensive

D A McP - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • excellent quality and nutrition for cats
  • furbabies never got past initial curiosity
  • disposing more than half down the toilet
  • money and product and effort wasted
  • sadly I’ll be cancelling today

jf - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • put two senior kitties' health at risk
  • Changed recipe led to health issues
  • Potential kidney risk with nutritional yeast
  • Out of stock for almost a month
  • Resulted in over $900 in vet bills
  • Full freezer of unused cat food

Cory Spelde - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Better quality than old food
  • Cat really enjoys it
  • Good value for the price
  • Excited for next box

Eva Herman - 5 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Amazing customer service
  • Excellent quality in food and packaging
  • Attention to detail and simplicity
  • Consistent standard over the years
  • Personalized and attentive staff

Cindy Pfeiffer - 6 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Kind and amazing company
  • Issued refund immediately
  • Posted a memorial
  • Gave discount for future

Jewels Bee - 6 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Loves the food
  • Cat is less hungry, has a smoother shiny coat, less hair loss

Pamela Straw - 6 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Excellent customer service and support
  • High quality human grade food loved by my cat
  • Sweet gesture in remembrance of passed away pet
  • Highly recommended by me and my cat

C - 6 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • My cat loves the food
  • She has not vomiting hair balls this whole week

Magen Schmittou - 6 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Best customer service experience
  • Efficient resolution of delivery issue
  • Compassionate response from business
  • Positive impact on customer loyalty

Daphne R - 7 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy food options
  • Convenient delivery schedule
  • Responsive customer service
  • Reasonable prices

Alleykat - 7 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Excellent customer service on a Sunday
  • Convenient option of adding broth to order
  • Excitement for 13-year-old kitty to try it

Rebeccah Stringer - 7 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Dry cat food unappealing to cats

Amber J - 8 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy and nutritious food options
  • Easy transition to 100% Smalls food with bone broth
  • Improved eating habits in picky eater cat
  • Great customer service with helpful tips for feeding

Rachel Graye - 8 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • The company experience was positive.
  • The cats don't like the food as much but eventually eat it.
  • The shipping and scheduling process was efficient and timely.
  • Wide range of shipping time options.
  • Free bag of catnip treats was loved.

Becky Corbett - 8 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great quality, convenient, fresh food for my cats
  • Healthy, human-grade food
  • Wonderful company to work with, super easy ordering

Deb P. - 8 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Best cat food ever
  • My 15 year old cat loves it, she eats more
  • Doesn’t smell horrible like other wet foods
  • Her poop doesn’t stink or get runny
  • Very firm
  • The downside to her eating so much is it’s a bigger line item in my budget

Kineret Spector - 9 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • great quality food
  • easy to store and dispense
  • cat loves it
  • knowing we are giving her the best food

Hilary - 9 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Company listens to what my needs are
  • Packaging could be smaller
  • Wish it was a bit cheaper
  • Extremely happy with reorder options and flavor customization
  • Quality of products and results are very satisfactory

Raelea Phillips - 9 hace semanasTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy Food
  • Easy Shipping
  • Cat Loves Smalls
  • Visible Improvement in Cat's Health
  • Great Quality Treats Included
  • No Shedding and Less Pungent Waste
  • Frozen Food Arrives as Predicted

Margaret Nulk - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • La Cat Concierge respondió rápidamente y abordó perfectamente mi problema.
  • Mi gato ha sido fan de Smalls durante más de 2 años.
  • Desafortunadamente, ahora requiere una dieta diferente para abordar algunos problemas de salud.
  • Smalls entendió completamente y se encargó de los cambios necesarios en mi cuenta.
  • ¡Siempre recomendaré Smalls a las personas que tienen gatos y quieren lo mejor para sus mascotas peludas!

TheUngamer - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Excellent Product and Customer service
  • Partial order delivery issue quickly resolved by sending a replacement

Gina Larson - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Game changer
  • Convenience of receiving order on same day each month
  • Food is not filled with unnecessary ingredients
  • Easy delivery with dry ice packing
  • High quality food for cat with specific needs
  • Good customer service experience with Cat Concierge

Dyan Collings Ralph - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Outstanding products for our kitties
  • Great customer service, issuing a refund for a box in process

Michael LaRochelle - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great and nutritious product
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Improved health for pets

Jen Florez - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Top Notch Customer Service

Gwen Ingram - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Extremely high prices
  • Inconsistency in cat food acceptance

LAURA SCHABACKER - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • most compassionate company

Margie Pratchenko - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Healthy diet for cat with medical issues
  • My cat has been doing very well on Smalls food for over a year
  • I do feed him less than Smalls recommends
  • I’ve been very happy with Smalls food
  • Knowing it is an excellent diet for my kitty

Adam Cerrillo - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • High quality product but not worth the price
  • Delayed delivery after free trial
  • Spoiled food due to late delivery
  • Decided to stop using the service

Subscriptions are bogus - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Cats like the cat food
  • Too much communication and harassment

Barbara Thomas - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • big improvements in furry children's health
  • less shedding and vomit, healthier and shinier coat, no dander
  • excited to eat; energetic anticipation
  • beneficial to health and wallet

Margo Palmer - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Excellent product quality
  • Great customer service
  • No bad smell in cat box
  • Generous cancellation policy

Beebee - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Simple ordering process
  • Healthy diet for cat
  • Positive changes in cat

Erin - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Ruby loves her Smalls chicken
  • Ruby is thriving and has the same energy as a 3 month old
  • Ruby's coat is the softest I've ever felt on a cat
  • Ruby's litter box has zero smell
  • Convenience of having food automatically ordered and delivered
  • Great job Smalls, look forward to being a customer for a very long time

Kristi - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • They care about the feline creature and take an interest in my fur babies.
  • Shipping concerns in very hot part of the country.
  • Working long shifts and not being home to bring the package inside.
  • Good communication and willingness to work on the shipping issue.

Delilah Murphy - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Cats love smalls
  • My cats would eat regular cat food for about a week, then lose interest
  • I was constantly buying different brands & flavors
  • They eat smalls every day
  • I rotate the flavors & they dive into their dishes every morning

Emma Howser - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Life changing for our cat Milo

Lisa Fuller - 3 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Caja creativa con hielo seco
  • Sugerencias útiles para transicionar a gatos
  • Fácil y rápido actualizar pedido

LINDA F - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Comida no gustó a mi gato
  • Textura casi polvorienta
  • Smalls apresuró siguiente pedido antes de cancelar suscripción
  • Siguiente pedido enviado el MISMO día que cancelé suscripción
  • Podría terminar pagando más de lo esperado por suscripción de prueba

A Steyne - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Positive changes in cat's health
  • Disappearance of bloating
  • Improvement in stool odor
  • Cat enjoys the taste
  • Excited during mealtime
  • Recommendation to others

Becky Warren - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Terrific customer service!

Goo Anderson - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Food arrived right away and was packaged perfectly for frozen food
  • Easy to prepare and my cat loved it
  • Great customer service, responds quickly and very helpful
  • High quality food with pure ingredients

Deb L - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Good quality food
  • Horrible customer service

Husna Aryan - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Best customer service experience I’ve ever had
  • Quality products and positive reviews
  • Refunded subscription after pet's passing
  • Donated food to local shelter
  • Sent framed picture of cat with sympathy
  • Kindness and understanding shown

Holly - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Prompt and helpful customer service
  • Efficient resolution to subscription issue
  • Personalized assistance and care
  • Courteous and pleasant interactions

kitt shaffer - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great product

JL - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Quality product, Balanced nutrition, Good customer service
  • Fresh, Convenient, Healthy kitties
  • No harmful ingredients, Saves money on vet bills
  • High-priced cat food comparison
  • No unnecessary ingredients
  • Positive introduction period for cats
  • Recommendation for Smalls

T. L. - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • My cat used to love it, now he won't touch it.
  • Product recipe change made my cat stop eating it.
  • Refund received, appreciated.

Pum’kin Pie - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Customer service is amazing
  • Response time is great
  • Great outlook for a new business
  • Product quality needs improvement

Danielle Kellogg - 4 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Great customer service and communication
  • Limited variety of flavors

Susan Landreth - 5 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Quality food and responsive service

May Althouse - 5 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • Dishonest marketing practices
  • Lack of transparency
  • Difficult ordering process
  • Questionable product quality

betsydurham - 6 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • my cat use to love this food
  • had to pause my subscription for financial reasons
  • notified about changing the formula
  • food looked darker than remembered
  • cat got sick and stopped eating or drinking
  • two vet visits and $500 spent
  • finally eating again after being sick
  • upset about the situation
  • caused worry when cat didn't eat or drink

Suzanne O - 7 hace mesesTrustpilot 🔗

  • limited ingredient food
  • cat loved the food
  • recipe change to include Nutritional Yeast
  • lost a loyal customer

J. Arroyo - 14 hace meses

  • Buen servicio y entrega rápida.